Research & Development

Full Stack + AI Engineer

San Jose, California
Work Type: Full Time
Pullflow is a developer-productivity startup based in Palo Alto, California. Our platform enables Humans and AI agents to collaborate seamlessly on software development tasks to gain 10X productivity. Dev teams at Epic Games, Dispatch, Avenue, and Propel use Pullflow to collaborate on code reviews with delightful efficiency. Learn more at

We are looking for bright and ambitious engineers with a passion for AI and developer empowerment to join our team. You will work on the latest and greatest technology, such as LLMs, AI Agents, Kubernetes, DuckDB, SvelteKit, RedwoodJS, and more.


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
  • Build scalable, high-performance APIs using databases, queues, caching, and monitoring.
  • Develop wealthy integrated multi-platform clients, including web experiences.
  • Implement AI-driven features and improve existing AI capabilities.
  • Build high-quality LLM applications and Iteratively fine-tune LLM models.
  • Write open-source software and documentation.
  • Write end-to-end automated tests for all layers of the software.
Required Skills:

  • Core CS Skills: Mastery of data structures, design patterns, and algorithms to build scalable high-performance APIs and develop rich integrated multi-platform clients.
  • Backend Engineering: Strong expertise with TypeScript, REST, and GraphQL for building APIs and continuous integration.
  • Frontend Development: Mastery of HTML, CSS, TypeScript, and leading web frameworks for developing web experiences.
  • AI/ML Frameworks: Foundation in machine learning knowledge and applications, including working with TensorFlow, PyTorch, LangChain, OpenAI APIs, etc.
  • Infrastructure: Understanding of core software infrastructure and tools, including Git, Docker, *nix command line, etc..

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